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Travel Insurance

Female waiting in the airport with airplane departing in the background.

If you are planning a journey to a foreign land, it is time to consider travel insurance. When out of the USA, various unexpected events could occur – and you need to be prepared. What type of travel insurance do you need? A conversation with one of our friendly team members at Reyle and Associates Insurance in Memphis, Tennessee, can help you get the travel insurance that makes sense in your situation.

Those who frequently travel outside the USA need travel insurance to protect against losses. There are several travel insurance plans available, each covering specific issues. Some plans cover the cost of trip cancellation, while others bring more extensive protection, including emergency medical care, medical transportation costs, trip delay protection, the cost of baggage replacement, rental car insurance, and travel assistance hotline services to address any problem that could arise.

Business travelers often have specific needs and may be carrying expensive equipment, samples, or other items. Should these items be lost, the cost of replacement could be staggering. Business equipment coverage is often needed in this situation.

For the casual traveler who is taking the opportunity to have a getaway to a foreign land, travel insurance can provide you with an added layer of protection against unforeseen circumstances. No one wants to face the need for medical assistance while overseas, but if it happens, you want to ensure you can get the treatment you need, no matter where you are. Lost baggage? Sadly, you could be left buying new luggage, clothing, and everything else you need for your trip. You will be glad you took the extra step to buy travel insurance, as these costs are covered, up to the limits set in your policy.

Planning a trip? Call us today so we can find the best travel insurance policy for you and your family. We are on-call, local, and ready to help.

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You gave me a quote far less than what I was paying for my previous insurance.


Saved Money on both personal and Business insurance!

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Nothing but good to say about them.

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I just want to say that this office is great.

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